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Past Team Members

Megan Lamb joined our team in the summer of 2021 to work with the Dairy Sustainability Key Performance Indicator project. She worked with Agustin Olivo on the development and testing of a high school curriculum in whole farm mass balances as an environmental assessment tool. Megan graduated in May 2022 with an agricultural sciences major.

Celia Walden joined our team as a sophomore in biometry and statistics, first working with Ben Lehman, then with Jason Cho, and, in her senior year taking on an honors thesis with Manuel Marcaida. Her project focused on evaluation of yield stability zones with as key question: "What drives yield?". She graduated in May of 2022 with distinction in research.

Ben Yeh joined our precision agriculture team, with focus on analyzing drone imagery for their potential to estimate corn grain and silage yield. He joined us as a junior in statistics, graduated in May of 2022 and is currently working on a publication based on his work.

Isha Vaish worked with our precision agriculture team, with focus on analyzing satelite imagery for their potential to estimate corn grain and silage yield. She joined us as a junior in fall 2020 and graduated in May 2022. She was a statistics major with a minor in computer science.

Greg Godwin joined us in 2002 as research support specialist, and stayed with us for over 20 years. He joined the Synchrotron Laboratory of Cornell University in early 2022.

Megan Wittmeyer was our Cornell Cooperative Extension summer intern in 2021, working with the Dairy Sustainability Key Performance Indicator project and with Janice Degni of CCE. Megan is an agricultural sciences major.

Mikala Anderson interned with Delaware County Cornell Cooperative Extension and worked on the Dairy Sustainability Key Performance Indicator project and Paul Ceroseletti and Dale Dewing in the summers of 2020 and 2021. Mikale is an agricultural sciences major.

Jake Burri was a summer intern with the Dairy Sustainability Key Performance Indicator project in summer and fall of 2021. Jake is a Biometry and Statistics as well as Environment and Sustainability double major at Cornell University.

Yiran Lee worked with us from fall 2020 through July 2021 when she became a PhD student in statistics in Switzerland. Yiran was our intern on the remote sensing and yield prediction projects.She graduated with a BS degree in statistics from Cornell University.

Jason Cho started his MS degree program in August of 2019 to work on yield zone development and evaluation. Jason works with yield monitor data to convert them into most accurate yield maps (annually and integrated over years into yield stability zones) and method development for evaluation of on-farm trials that involve single strips of a treatment across multiple management zones and fields on individual farms. Jason graduated with an MS degree in August, 2021 and is currently a PhD student in Statistics at Cornell University.

Jonny Berlingeri joined us in January of 2020 after graduating from the agricultural sciences major at Cornell University. He lead our precision agriculture projects but will start his PhD degree program in plant breeding at the University of California, Davis, this fall.

Martin Battaglia worked as postdoctoral researcher in our team from January 2020 through early July 2021. He worked on our regional phosphorus index proejct and joined The Nature Conservancy in July 2021.

Karl Czymmek joined the Dairy Management Inc in July 2021, after having been a key collaborator with the NMSP for almost 21 years. He is the leader of the multistate, six-year project "Dairy Soil and Water Regeneration: Building Soil Health to Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Improve Water Quality and Enable New Economic Benefits", so we continue to benefit from his skills and knowledge of animal agriculture in New York.

Ben Lehman joined us as a freshman student, continued to work with us through all his years at Cornell, and graduate in May 2021 with honors in research. Ben's thesis was titled "Within-Field Variability of Soil Characteristics and Corn Yield Stability on a New York Dairy Farm".

Steve Robertshaw worked with us for two years in which he developed a high school curriculum in precision agriculture. Steve graduated in May of 2021 and joined the MAT in Agricultural Education program at Ithaca College.

Charlotte Book, freshman student in plant sciences at Cornell University worked with us in the spring of 2021 on the dairy sustainabilty project.

Aminah Taariq worked with us in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021 when she gradated with a BS degreen in Environment and Sustainability. She developed a factsheet on copper and worked with the precision agricultural team on yield data processing.

Kristina Ardalan worked with us in the summer and fall of 2020. As a summer intern her focus was on working with soybean yield data (data processing and reporting) and helping Steve Robertshaw with the precision agriculture curriculum.

Rachel Brown worked with us in spring of 2021. She worked on our dairy sustainability project. She is an aspiring veterinary.

Dilip Kharel worked with us from December of 2017 through the middle of 2020 to support our precision agriculture program and yield data specific projects as data analyst. He trained many of our staff and students in yield data processing.

Lisa Fields worked with us from 2009 through early 2020 on impact statements. She wrote many of our impact statement based on interviews with farmers, students, and consultants. She retired in 2020.

Jodi Putnam, completed her M.Sc. in the summer of 2020. The title of her thesis was: "Is Sulfur Limiting Soybean Yield In New York?" She conducted on-farm trials in western and central NY for three years to evaluate yield and crude protein response of soybeans to sulfur addition with either gypsum or ammonium sulfate. She concluded that sulfur does not limit yield potential of soybeans at this time but that continued monitoring is important as partial balances indicate that sulfur may become deficient over time.

Mart Ros, originally from the Netherlands, worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the team. His project involved working with several consulting firms and extension educators as well as state agencies in the Northeast on our regional phosphorus index evaluation project. In addition, he works with many farms on their whole farm nutrient mass balance as assessment tool in the adaptive management process. He returned to the Netherlands in 2019 but tninues to support the phosphorus index and mass balance projects.

Angel Maresma, originally from Spain, graduated with a PhD from the University of Lleida in Spain, where he is originally from. After a 4 month internship with us in 2015, he returned to our team in April of 2017 as postdoctoral researcher to work on precision agriculture for corn and forage sorghum, with specific focus on use of drones and crop sensors for more efficient nitrogen fertilization strategies.

Tulsi Kharel received his PhD from South Dakota State University. Originally from Nepal, his work in our team involved analyzing yield datasets (from yield monitors), using advanced statistical modeling. Tulsi's work aimed to develop methodology and protocols for use and processing of datasets for zone based management in agriculture in New York. Tulsi joined USDA-ARS in Arkansas in 2019.

Sarah Lyons completed her PhD in May of 2019 with research on double cropping with winter cereals grown for forage in corn and forage sorghum rotations. Sarah is currently a postdoctoral researchers with a multistate research team with lead PI in North Carolina State University.

Sheryl Swink retired in 2019, after working with the NMSP for 17 years. Sheryl worked on avariety of projects during her years with us, including coordination and impact assessment of our statewide starter P fertilizer project, data management and reporting of project on alfalfa management and double cropping, and in most recent years, processing of yield monitor data.

Nikki Luijben, originally from the Netherlands (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Velp, the Netherlands) was our Sustainable Animal Agriculture 2050 intern (one of nine interns) in the Department of Animal Science in the summer of 2017.

Chutao Liu, originally from China, graduated with a degree in Agricultural Sciences from Cornell with distinction in research for her honors thesis on use of crop sensors for predicting yield and optimal timing of harvest of forage sorghum.

Lindsay Chamberlain, originally from western NY, was our 2016 Cornell Cooperative Exension summer intern. She graduated with a degree in Plant Sciences from Cornell with distinction in research for her honors thesis on use of drone-collected NDVI images for predicting yield and N needs of corn and sorghum.

Emma Long, graduated with a M.Sc. in Animal Science with focus on precision agriculture in May of 2017. She worked with Agrinetix on a project that aimed to evaluate the performance of forage yield monitors for whole farm analyses and on-farm research as well as assessment of field to field and within-field variably in yield. Emma defended her thesis in April of 2017. She became the crop manager at CY Farms in western NY and is currently working for YARA.

Steve Crittenden, originally from Canada, graduated with a PhD from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and worked with us us in July of 2015 until August 2017.

Amir Sadeghpour, postdoctoral researcher, joined us in February of 2014 to lead our project on greenhouse gas emissions from manure, compost and fertilizer managemend corn, alfalfa and grass systems and soil health projects. Amir joined Virginia Tech in January of 2017 while publishing the last of his publications with us.

Aristotelis Tagarakis, postdoctoral researcher, joined us in July 2014 to lead our crop sensor precision agriculture program. Artistotelis went back to Greece at the end of December of 2016. We are finalizing the last of the publications on his project.

Carlos Ortiz Gama, Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació , Spain, visited us for a month for a scientific visit in September of 2016.

Dennis Atiyeh, was a summer intern with our program in the summer of 2015. He is currently a senior double majoring in Animal Science and Agricultural Sciences and will graduate in the spring of 2018.

Nicole Smaranda, Agricultural Sciences major at Cornell, was our Certified Crop Advisor intern in summer of 2016. She worked with Cornell facultu and staff on updating of the manual and the performance objectives of the Northeast Region Certified Crop Advisor program.

Rachel Breslauer, Agricultural Sciences major at Cornell, joined our program for a summer internship in 2015 and conducted an honors thesis on the corn stalk nitrate test. She graduated in May of 2016 and is now a graduate student at Washington State University.

Andrew Lefever, Agricultural Sciences major at Cornell, joined us a summer intern in 2015. He graduated in May of 2016 and started work with a nutrition company in Pennsylvania.

Zhehan Tang, Agricultural Sciences major at Cornell, joined us as a summer intern in 2015. He did an honors thesis on model use for nitrogen response data for winter cereals. He is currently a graduate student at the University of California, Davis.

Isaac Cornell, Animal Science major at Cornell, was a summer intern with us in 2015. He graduated in May of 2016 and is pursuing a career with the Navy.

Elsa the Becker, Plant Breeding major, interned with us in the summer of 2015. She is scheduled to graduate in May of 2018.

Melanie Soberon, postdoctoral researcher, joined us in 2012 to work on whole farm mass balances. We completed the last of a series of publication on this project in 2017.

Sebastian Cela, postdoctoral researcher, joined us in July 2013 to lead our projects on whole farm nutrient mass balance assessments and re-evaluation of the New York Phosphorus Runoff Index. He returned to Spain in July 2015 but continues to work with us on the New York Phosphorus Runoff Index project.

Pilar Berenguer, postdoctoral researcher, joined us in September of 2013 and worked on a project on temporal and spatial variability of the corn stalk nitrate test. She returend to Spain in July 2015

Angel Maresma, PhD student at the University of Lleida, Spain, joined our program for a 4-month visit in February-May 2015. He took on a project on spatial variabilty in soil organic matter and Illinois Soil Nitrogen Test results for corn fields in New York. Angel returned as a postdoctoral researcher in April of 2017.

Dr. Yunchen Zhao, Professor, Hexi University , School of Agriculture & Biochemistry, Zhangye, Gansu Province, PR China, was with us for a 12 month sabbatical leave from May of 2013 through April of 2014.

Dr. Hayriye Ibrikci, Professor, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Department, Cukurova University, Turkey, came to visit us for a 2 month sabbatical leave in summer of 2012.

Tyler Pardoe, Agricultural Sciences major at Cornell, joined us in the summer of 2014 as one of our interns and continued to work with us through 2014, focussing on crop sensors. He graduated in May of 2015 and joined Agrinetix after graduation.

Elyce Buell, Biological and Environmental Engineering, interned with us in the summer in 2014. She graduated in May of 2015 and recently got accepted for a MS degree program at Virginia Tech.

Anne Mills, Agricultural Sciences, was the Cornell Cooperative Extension intern with the NWNY Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Team. She graduated in May of 2015 and current works for Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Priya Sathiye, Animal Sciences, worked with us to gain laboratory skills in the fall of 2013. She joined the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Masters of Environmental Studies degree in 2016.

Shona Ort, Technician in our program from January 2013 through January 2014, lead the first year of our statewide project on nitrogen needs for winter cereals grown as forage double crops. Shona recieved her BS degree in Animal Science in January of 2013 and is currently a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire focussing on animal science.

Lars Demander, Agricultural Sciences major at Cornell, joined us in the summer of 2013 as one of our interns and continued to work with us through graduation in 2014. He graduated and then join the University of Connecticut where he is a graduate student in the economics department economics focsussing on marketing and economics of horticultural crops.

Diego Gris, visiting student from Brazil in the agricultural sciences major at Cornell, joined us in the summer of 2013 as well. He returned to Brazil at the end of the summer to continue his degree program.

Derek Zerkowski, Agricultural Sciences, worked with us from Fall 2012 to Spring 2013, on manure injection studies. He joined the Natural Resources Conservation Service upon graduation in May of 2013.

Valerie Bollinger, Agriculultural Sciences, worked with us from Spring 2011 through Fall 2012. She worked on a project on determining soil carbon and nitrogen supply in a corn and alfalfa roation. She graduated in January of 2014 and joined a crop consulting firm in PA.

Sara Orlowski, Agricultural Sciences, interned with us in the summer of 2012. She continued with a PhD degree upon graduation from Cornell in spring of 2014.

Patty Ristow, Extension Associate, joined us in December of 2006. Patty leads projects focusing on optimization of whole farm nutrient management with case study dairy farms in New York (both small and large farms). She also works together with Caroline as part of our software development and support team. Patty joined Agricultural Consulting Service in February of 2012.

Caroline Rasmussen joined us in the fall of 2002 as research associate. She lead projects related to Cropware development and whole farm nutrient mass balances. She retired from Cornell in 2013.

Chang Lian joined us in the winter of 2009 to conduct research. Chang was an Agricultural Sciences major from Bejing, China. He graduated in May 2010 with an honor's thesis focusing on potassium management for alfalfa and then moved to Wisconsin for a PhD degree in Economics.

Margaret Dunn , Animal Sciences, joined us in the fall of 2009 to work on the development of an on-line Certified Crop Advisor course for aspiring Northeast Region Certified Crop Advisors (NRCCAs). She graduated in May 2010. She obtained her MS degree in Agronomy from Iowa State University.

Sarah Moss, Animal Science major, joined us in the fall of 2006 to help with a variety of projects, including a study on variability of manure nutrient content and mass balance assessments. She graduated in January of 2010.

Graham Swanepoel, exchange student and Agricultural Sciences major from Lincoln University in New Zealand, joined us in the summer of 2009 to work with Caroline Rasmussen and Patty Ristow on whole farm evaluation with a focus on farm economics.

John Weiss and Hillary Bundick joined us in the summer of 2009 for their Cobleskill internships program. They worked with us on on-going field and laboratory project and wrote two agronomy factsheet, one on nitrogen fertilizer sources (John Weiss) and one on enhanced efficiency fertilizers (Hillary Bundick). Both completed their internship in August and presented their internship experiences at Cobleskill in September.

Kulbushan Grover joined us as post doctoral researcher in December of 2008 after graduation from Penn State University. He was offered a faculty position at New Mexico State University and started his new position in April of 2009.

Kevin Dietzel joined us in fall 2006 to help with harvest and decided to stay with us to work on a lime study, a phosphorus incubation study, and a sulfur for alfalfa project on which he worked together with Chie Miyamoto, our second Cobleskill inter, who joined us again after completion of her internship as a Cobleskill student. Kevin left for Iowa in December of 2008. Chie returned to Japan in January of 2009.

Kate Orloski, Sociology at Cornell University, joined us inthe summer fo 2008 and continued to work with us on two independent research projects in the fall of 2008.

Hettie Krol helped with data entry, prepared a 7-day trip to the Netherlands by a team of Cornell animal scientist and agronomists in 2003 to learn about nutrient management issues, and was instrumental in the development of our soil test summaries and co-recipient of the 2005 Outstanding New Publication Award from the NYS Association of County Agricultural Extension Educators (NYSACAA) for this publication series.

Scott Grant, sophomore double majoring in Crop and Soil Science and Agricultural Economics, joined us in 2005 to work on an independent research project on spatial variability in soil fertility and its impact on fertilizer and management guidelines. Scott graduated with a research distinction and honors thesis in May of 2008. Has was Presidential Scholar and is the lead author on a journal publication that is currently in review. Scott currently works with Citigroup Inc. in Houston, Texas.

Cansheng Yuan, Senior Agronomist with Nanjing Management Station of Soil and Fertilization, Nanjing Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry, China, worked with us on a CEC project during his 6 months sabbatical leave (December 2007-May, 2008).

Metin Turan, Ataturk University in Turkey. He joined us for 3 months of research on P sorption capacities of calcareous soils in September-December 2006. We are now working on not only the publication of the research Dr. Metin did while at Cornell but also on a number of new joint projects and have co-published 4 journal articles to date.

Song Chunyu, Associate Research Fellow, Hailun Agro-Ecological Experimental Station, Chinese Academy of Science, in Harbin, China, joined us in March of 2005 for a 6 month study period. Dr. Chunyu was our first international visiting scientist in the program.

Joe Lawrence joined as a graduate student (MSc degree in soil science) in January 2006 and graduated in January 2008. He joined Cornell Cooperative Extension of Lewis County after graduation and is their field crops specialist now. His studies resulted in three journal articles focussing on tools for nitrogen management and a manure application method comparison.

Wayne Berry did his Cobleskill internship with us in 2007. Wayne was our first Cobleskill intern. He helped out with ongoing work and conducted a greenhouse study on the effect of manure treatments on N and P availability with sorghum sudangrass as test crop. He returned to his home-state Maine after graduation.

Ryan Haden joined us in summer 2003 and again winter and summer 2006 to work on research on phosphorus dynamics including writing of a publication which was published in 2007. Ryan is currently working on his PhD with research in the Phillipines under guidance of Dr. John Duxbury.

Hannah Graeper joined us for the summer of 2006 to help Joe and Greg with field work. She was a geography student at Binghamton University at the time.

Greg Albrecht became extension associate with teaching and extension responsibilities in 2002. Greg's major responsibilities were in teaching an undergraduate capstone course on whole farm nutrient management (AS/CSS 412), support, further development and teaching of Cornell Cropware, and development of learning modules and nutrient management tools (calculators, etc.). Greg left NMSP to become statewide CNMP specialist working with the Soil and Water Conservation Committee, a newly created job for CNMP support in NY, in February of 2006.

Liz Brock joined us in January of 2004 to work on her masters in Soils and Crops with research on phosphorus dynamics on dairy farms. She succesfully defended her thesis in December 2005. Her work generated three journal articles, two focusing on phosphorus and one on zinc and copper. After graduation, she joined American Farmland Trust to be their Hudson Valley New York Field Representative.

Beth Medvecky transferred into the program in the spring of 2003. She worked on her PhD degree in Soils and Crops with research on the interactions between bean root rot diseases and soil fertility management Kenya. She graduated in August 2005. Her work resulted in three papers (two published and one in press). She is currently working as assistant director with CIIFAD at Cornell University.

Micah Woods, graduate student in the Department of Horticulture worked on nonacid cations bioavailability in sand rootzones. His work has generated five published journal articles. Micah succesfully defended his dissertation in December 2005 and received his PhD in January 2006. He now runs is own company (Asian Turfgrass Center), with a home-base in Bangkok, Thailand.

Andy Durow, Animal Sciences, joined us in the summer of 2003 after graduation from Suny Morrisville. He did his junior and senior year at Cornell in the Dairy Fellows Program and then moved to Minnesota to operate a 500-cow dairy farm.

Rory Mauro joined us in the summer of 2004. He went on to pursue a degree in Environmental Health from Columbia University in 2005.

Jason Kahabka joined us in November of 2003 as extension associate with half-time duties for phosphorus research in Northern New York, including rainfall simulations (he build our rainfall simulator) on farms and research stations. Jason left our team in November 2005 to pursue a contract with the Graduate School at Cornell University.

Naoko Suzuki joined our staff in November of 2002 to work on laboratory analyses for a project on phosphorus dynamics in Northern NY. She moved to North Carolina in October 2004 and current lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Jonathan Klapwyk joined us in the spring of 2002 to pursue a masters degree in soil and crop sciences. Jonathan graduated with a degree in Agronomy from the University of Guelph in May of 2003 and conducted his research project at Cornell on testing and calibration of the Illinois Soil N Test for corn in New York. Jon graduated in August 2005, worked as a lecturer in Kemptville College - University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, prior to moving back to Ontario where he now works for Price Seeds. Jon's work generated three journal articles of which one was published before he graduated. The last two were published in 2006.

Marike Noij and Desiree Brandhorst, two undergraduates (juniors) from Larenstein University of Professional Studies, the Netherlands, joined us in the winter of 2003 for their 3-month internships. Marike conducted research on aggregate distribution and stability as part of a study on the effects of manure management on soil health and Desiree worked with Natalie Galens on the NY Amino Sugar Project.

Sander van den Hoogen joined us for 6 months in the winter and spring of 2004 helping us with field projects and working with Jon Klapwyk on analyses of samples for the aminosugar N project.

Erwin Nijsingh did his 3- month internship with us in the fall of 2004 working on assessment of soil physical characteristics of production fields that have been amended with compost or manure.

Johan Mekken was our last Dutch intern. He conducted a 6 month research project with us in 2005. Due to visa issues, we unfortunately could not continue our exchange program with Larenstein University.

Natalie Galens joined in the spring of 2002 when she a junior majoring in agronomy at Cornell. She led the New York Amino Sugar Project until she graduated in May of 2003. Natalie was first employed as the Horticulture/Nutrition Educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County following graduation and then moved to New Hampshire in December of 2003. She is now back in New York State, working with FSA in Cayuga County.

Joe Orloski (Cornell biology major) joined the program as summer intern in 2001 and continued to work with us through fall 2001 and spring 2002 on his individual research project on the effects of N and K fertility management on reed canary grass root systems (jointly advised by Dr. Jerry Cherney). He finished his undergraduate thesis in May of 2002 and graduated in May of 2003. Joe went to medical school in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Tim Byron was our first research support specialist in the program. He joined in February of 2001 and left us to return to Montana in August of 2002.