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Cropware: A tool for nutrient management planning


Cornell Cropware, first developed in 2001 (version 1) and 2003 (version 2) integrates the following tools for effective nutrient management planning:

  • Cornell crop nutrient guidelines for a full range of agronomic and vegetable crops.
  • Nutrient credits from many sources, including manure, soil, sod, and fertilizer.
  • Equations for the conversion of soil test values from other laboratories into Cornell Morgan equivalents (please familiarize yourself with risk involved with the use of conversion equations).
  • Environmental risk indices, including the New York State Phosphorus Runoff Index and the Nitrate Leaching Index.
  • On-farm logistics, such as manure production, storage, and inventories Report generation for guiding on-farm implementation.

In 2011, Cornell Cropware technical support and software development responsibilities were transferred to Farm Information Technologies, LLC. This transfer to the private sector allows for more timely updates than we have been able to supply Cropware users with these past many years. It will also allow us here at the Cornell Nutrient Management Spear Program to focus more on applied research and refining of New York State soil fertility and nutrient management guidelines for field crops. We work with Farm Information Technologies LLC as we work with all other private and public sector organizations who service New York State farmers to ensure full access to the Cornell nutrient management guidelines for field crops and deliver timely updates on those guidelines.

Farm Information Technologies, LLC. has a list of the many suggestions Cropware users have offered us over the past five years. They have been working on the most urgent updates. The first release of Cropware Classic was October 2011; the first release of Cropware Plus was January, 2012.

Farm Information Technologies, LLC. welcomes your feedback and input. Contact information is:

User Help= (518-643-2361)
Technical Support= (518-643-4316)