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2024 Projects: Forage and Grain Yield Monitor Data Processing for Accurate Maps

How to Process Forage and Grain Yield Monitor Data for Use for Farm Decision Making?

Yield monitor data are increasingly available. Grain and forage yield monitors can provide accurate and precise yield records when calibration are done regularly and data obtained at harvest are evaluated and cleaned prior to use of the data. Linking geospatially recorded long term yield monitor data with causal factors (soil and management factors) can help identify and manage those potential constrainsts in more precise way. Cleaning of yield monitor data is the first step in making decision out of those data.

If you are interested in participating, contact Quirine Ketterings ( or 607-255-3061). You can also write to: Quirine Ketterings, Nutrient Management Spear Program, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, 323 Morrison Hall, Ithaca NY 14853.


    To evaluate yield records (single year and multiple years) for consistency and develop a standardized protocol for cleaning of raw data for use for yield assessments per field, per soil type, and across whole farms over years.

Funding Sources

This project has been sponsored by grants from the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program (NNYADP), New York Corn Growers Association, New York Farm Viability Institute, Federal Formula Funds, and a multistate USDA-AFRI project.

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