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2024 New York On-Farm Research Partnership Projects

There is great power in coordinated on-farm research where field data are generated through well designed, repeated and widely implemented trials, with proper data collection and statistically valid analyses. Consider being an on-farm research partner! Our motto is: "Relevant Questions and Sound Science for Agricultural Profitability and Protection of the Environment".

The On-Farm Research Partnership is a partnership of producers, the Cornell Nutrient Management Spear Program, PRODAIRY, Cornell Cooperative Extension, crop and nutrient management consulting firms, and other farm advisors and agencies. We aim to establish a statewide research partnership that enables us to pose relevant question (farmer and farm advisor driven priorities) and get these questions answered efficiently (large datasets), aiding in development of science-based guidance and implementation of both on-farm and whole-farm nutrient management practices.

NMSP Active Projects:

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Alfalfa/Grass and Corn Fields
  2. Dairy Sustainability Key Performance Indicators
  3. Whole Farm Nutrient Balance and Carbon footprint Assessments
  4. Value of Manure
  5. Forage Yield Monitor Data Processing for Accurate Maps
  6. Getting the Most out of On-Farm Research
  7. Yield Stability Zones for Improved Management of Corn
  8. Drone and Satelite Imagery for Yield Predictions

Completed Projects

  1. Updating of the New York Corn Yield Database
  2. Brachytic Dwarf Brown Midrib Forage Sorghum in Double Crop Rotations
  3. Active Crop Sensor Use for Corn and Sorghum
  4. Winter Cereals as Double Crops in Corn or Sorghum Rotations
  5. Phosphorus Index Evaluation in The Northeast
  6. Land Application of Acid Whey
  7. Corn and Hay Yield, Quality and Soil Health as Impacted by Manure Management
  8. Can Manure Replace the Need for Starter N for Corn?
  9. Nitrogen Credits of Cover Crops in Corn Silage Rotations
  10. Calibration of Forage Yield Monitors for Corn Silage and Alfalfa/Grass
  11. Potassium and Sulfur Management of Alfalfa
  12. Cation Exchange Capacity; Laboratory Methodology Study
  13. New York State Starter Phosphorus Project
  14. Lime and Buffer pH
  15. County-Based Soil Test Summaries
  16. Brown Midrib Sorghum Sudangrass
  17. Teff For New York State
  18. Seasonal P Project
  19. Soil Test Conversion Equations
  20. Manure Use for Alfalfa; Pros and Cons (Literature Summary)
  21. Nitrogen Credits of Winter Cover Crops (Literature Summary)
  22. New York State Nitrogen Leaching Index

Additional Information

If you would like to receive more information, have suggestions for future projects, or have questions, contact Quirine Ketterings ( or 607-255-3061). You can also write to: Quirine Ketterings, Nutrient Management Spear Program, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, 323 Morrison Hall, Ithaca NY 14853.