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2017 Projects: Corn Yield Database Review

Time to update the yield potential database for corn in New York State?

Research on New York farms in over the past decade has shown that although for many sites, the corn yield potentials recorded in the Cornell soil database are in line with actual yields obtained, there are notable exceptions. Yield potentials drive the N guidelines for corn and although higher yields can be obtained without the need for additional N, these exceptions illustrate greater crop nutrient removal at these locations and point to the need to re-evaluate yield potentials for corn in New York State. in this region-wide assessment of corn yields, we aim to collect yield data and field histories for corn and combine the assessment with an end of season corn stalk nitrate test (CSNT) and soil sampling to evaluate the N status of the crop.

We currently have funding for Northern New York sites only through the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program (NNYADP). If interested in sponsoring this project, contact Quirine Ketterings at

If you would like to receive more information or have questions, contact Quirine Ketterings ( or 607-255-3061). You can also write to: Quirine Ketterings, Nutrient Management Spear Program, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, 323 Morrison Hall, Ithaca NY 14853.