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Impact Statements

Precision Agriculture
Andy Miller at Osterhoudt Farms and NMSP Collaborate on Zone Management (by Ben Lehman)
Industry and NMSP Collaboration to Advance UAV Research for Yield Predictions and Nitrogen management of Corn (by Lisa Fields)
NMSP Yield Monitor Data Cleaning Project Improves Information for Farmers and Researchers (by Lisa Fields)
NMSP's Collaborative Study with Industry Explores Drones for Nitrogen Management (by Lisa Fields)
Research Re-Evaluates Corn Yield Potential in Northern NY through Collaborative Partnership (by Lisa Fields)
NYFVI Project with NMSP and Industry Evaluates Sensor Technology for Nitrogen Management (by Lisa Fields)

NYFVI and NNYADP Manure Application Method Projects
Nutrient Boom Invention Could Optimize Manure Application Efficiency (by Lisa Fields)
Grass Injector Provides a Manure Management Option (by Lisa Fields)
Manure Rate Research Partnership with NMSP Proves Valuable to Southview Farm (by Lisa Fields)
SUNY Morrisville Farm Manager Integrates Field Research with Crop Program (by Lisa Fields)
Musgrave Research Farm Key Site in Statewide Manure Incorporation Trials (by Sara Zglobicki)
Western New York Farm Reaps Benefits of On-Farm Manure Incorporation Study (by Sara Zglobicki)
Timing is Right for Manure Incorporation Study at Mapleview Dairy LLC in St Lawrence County (by Sara Zglobicki)
Lewis County Farmer Participates in Statewide Manure Incorporation Study (by Sara Zglobicki)
St Lawrence County Farmer Sees Promising Results from Manure Incorporation Trials (by Sara Zglobicki)
Cayuga County Dairy Tests Alternative Manure Incorporation Methods in On-farm Research (by Anne Place)
Eastern New York Dairy Looks to Gain Economic Benefits from Manure Study (by Anne Place)
Diverse Team Researches Manure Incorporation on Cayuga County Farm (by Sara Zglobicki)
Central New York Dairy Farm Family Reaps Benefits of Manure Management Trials (by Sara Zglobicki)
Miner Institute Participates in Statewide Manure Application Method Project (by Sara Zglobicki)

Whole Farm Evaluation and On-Farm Research Partnership
Students at SUNY Morrisville make On-Farm Connections with Soil Fertility and Sustainability using NMB Curriculum (by Melanie Soberon)
Piloting NMB curriculum helps the next generation of farmers assess their environmental sustainability (by Melanie Soberon)
Students in Royalton-Hartland Central High School Benefit from Nutrient Mass Balance Curriculum in Capstone Course (by Melanie Soberon)
McMahon Family's Clear Vision Brings E-Z Acres Farm to Economic and Environmental Sustainability (by Lisa Fields)
Impacts of Cornell's Nutrient Mass Balance Diagnostic Tool; An Industry Perspective (by Lisa Fields)
Nutrient Mass Balance Tool Helps Table Rock Farm Achieve Their Goals (by Lisa Fields)
Table Rock Farm Reaps Many Benefits Through On-Farm Research Partnership (by Lisa Fields)
Spruce Haven Dairy's Managing Member Applies Whole Farm Nutrient Balance Beyond the Farm by Lisa Fields)
Managing Farm Nutrient Efficiencies: EZ Acres Journey (by Lisa Fields)
Howland Dairy Benefits from Whole Farm Analysis Project (by Lisa Fields)
Nitrogen Fertilization: Saving Money, Protecting Environment (by NYFVI)
Cornell's Mass Nutrient Balance is a Valued Monitoring Tool for the Hardie Farm (by Lisa Fields)
Mass Nutrient Balance project for Small Dairies (by Sara Zglobicki)
Whole Farm Analysis Project: Understanding Impact of Nutrient Management Decisions on Small Dairies (by Sara Zglobicki)
Dairy Evaluates Mass Nutrient Balance (by Karl Czymmek)

Forage Sorghum
Field Studies Aim to Determine Nitrogen Needs of Brachytic Dwarf Brown Midrib Forage Sorghum in Northern NY (by Lisa Fields)
NMSP Field Study Explores Viability of Brachytic Dwarf Brown Midrib Forage Sorghum for Northern NY Dairy Farms (by Lisa Fields)

Cover and Double Crops
Hosting NMSP Double-Crop N Rate Study Proves Useful to Curtis Martin's Farm (by Lisa Fields)
No-till Makes Double Cropping a Good Fit for Angel Rose Dairy (by Lisa Fields)
When is it Profitable to Double Crop Corn Silage and Winter Grains for Forage? (by Lisa Fields)
NMSP's Double Crop N Rate Study at Joleanna Holstein Has Local Impact (by Lisa Fields)
Crop Advisor Collaboration with NMSP Promotes Double Cropping in Northern New York (by Lisa Fields)
Grazing Specialist Teams Up with NMSP for Double Crop Study at Schumacher Dairy-Ops (by Lisa Fields)
Crop Advisor Explores Double Crop Concept with NMSP Nitrogen Rate Study at AA Dairy (by Lisa Fields)
Oneida County Extension Specialist Explores Double-Cropping with NMSP Field Study (by Lisa Fields)
Northern NY Crop Advisor and NMSP Initiate Double Crop Field Research (by Lisa Fields)
New Field Crops Specialist Dives into Collaborative Double-Cropping Research with NMSP (by Lisa Fields)
From Cover Crop to Double Crop at the Van Slyke's Dairy Farm in Pike, NY (by Lisa Fields)

ANSC/CSS412 Whole Farm Nutrient Management
Cornell Students Gain Real-Life Experience in Agricultural Environmental Management (by Eleanor Jacobs)
McMahon Family's Clear Vision Brings E-Z Acres Farm to Economic and Environmental Sustainability (by Lisa Fields)

Northeast Region Certified Crop Advisors
NMSP Internship Helps Cornell Transfer Student Nicole Smaranda Further Her Career Goals (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell Extension Supports Successful Northeast Region CCA Program (by Eleanor Jacobs)
Certified Crop Advisor Course has Multiple Benefits for Cornell Ag Science Students (by Lisa Fields)

Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crops Management
Cornell Guides Integrated Field Crop Management (by Eleanor Jacobs)

Starter Phosphorus Project
New York Corn Producers Make a Difference!! (by Quirine Ketterings and Karl Czymmek )
Oneida County: Starter P Project a Win-Win (by Eleanor Jacobs)
St Lawrence County: Starter P is a Piece of the Whole Farm System (by Eleanor Jacobs)
South Central New York: Collaboration Ensures Starter P Project Success (by Eleanor Jacobs)
Cayuga County: Starter P Project Met a Need in Cayuga County (by Eleanor Jacobs)
Rensselaer County: Extension Educator Carries Starter P Message (by Eleanor Jacobs)
North Western New York: Starter P Projext Provides a Win-Win (by Eleanor Jacobs)

Nitrogen for First Year Corn Project
North Western New York: Dairy Changes N Fertilizer Applications for Corn (by Eleanor Jacobs)
Rensselaer County: Nitrogen in Corn Research Improves the Bottom Line and the Environment (by Eleanor Jacobs)
Jefferson County: Research Leads to Lower Nitrogen Rates on Corn (by Eleanor Jacobs)
South Central New York: N Research Helps Dairy Best Use its Manure (by Eleanor Jacobs)
St Lawrence County: Saving Money and Reducing Environmental Loss (by Kate Birchenough)
Cornell Farm Services: Saving Time and Money (by Kate Birchenough)

Potassium Needs of Alfalfa Project
Project Examines Potassium Dynamics of Alfalfa and Soil (by Lisa Fields)

International Extension
Turkish Professor Draws Inspiration from NMSP's Extension and Research (by Lisa Fields)

Cornell Students and Extension
Precision Agriculture Project in the NMSP Helps Steve Robertshaw Pursue His Career Aspirations in Teaching (by Agustin Olivo)
Ben Lehman: Mapping out a Career Path in Agriculture (by Melanie Soberon)
Madeleine McGrath's High School Junior Project: A Professional Research Experience with NMSP (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell 2018 Animal Science Graduate Jordi Verhoeven Earns Honors in Research with Sulfur Mass Balance Project (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell 2018 Agricultural Science Grad Sarah Hetrick Follows Her Passion for Soil Health (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell Sustainable Animal Agriculture Internship Gave Nikki Luijben from the Netherlands a Unique Learning Experience (by Lisa Fields)
Transfer Student and Honors Graduate Chutao Liu Achieves Research Success with NMSP (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell Honors Student Lindsay Chamberlain Evaluates Use of Drones for Yield Predictions of Corn and Forage Sorghum (by Lisa Fields)
NMSP Internship Helps Cornell Transfer Student Nicole Smaranda Further Her Career Goals (by Lisa Fields)
Internship Allows Cornell Undergraduate Sarah Hetrick to Combine Interests in Dairy, Crop and Soil Science (by Lisa Fields)
New Visions Program Immerses High School Senior Eli Corning in Relevant Research with NMSP (by Lisa Fields)
DAIRYCAP Research Internship Helps Shape Cornell Agricultural Sciences Graduate Andrew Lefever's Future (by Lisa Fields)
An Open Mind and Thirst for Knowledge Guide 2016 Agricultural Sciences Honors Graduate Rachel Breslauer (by Lisa Fields)
Research Project and New York's Agriculture Provide Exciting Learning Experiences for NMSP Intern from Spain (by Lisa Fields)
NMSP Internship Provides Opportunity for Innovative Nitrogen Management Research by Lisa Fields)
Ag Science Student Anne Mills Experiences Field Research with Collaborative Internship (by Lisa Fields)
NMSP Internship Helps Cornell University Agricultural Science Student Lars Demander Find the Right Fit (by Lisa Fields)
Brazilian Agronomy Student Learns About New York State Agriculture and Research with NMSP (by Lisa Fields)
Integration of Crop and Animal Science Inspires Cornell Grad's Cover Crop Honors Thesis (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell Scholar Finds Cover Crop Nitrogen Dynamics Research with NMSP a Fulfilling Challenge (by Lisa Fields)
Australian Exchange Student's Field Research Internship with Cornell's NMSP (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell Student's Extension Research and Outreach Internship Reflects Collaboration of Campus and Field Staff (by Lisa Fields)
Chinese Pre-Vet Cornell Student Gains Research and Extension Experience with NMSP (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell Grad Julia Knight Involved in Phosphorus Research Project Critical to NY Dairy Farms (by Lisa Fields)
Non-Traditional Honors Student Completes Nitrogen Fertilizer Dynamics Project with NMSP (by Lisa Fields)
High School Student Completes Cover Crop Nitrogen Study with Cornell's Nutrient Management Spear Program (by Lisa Fields)
Cobleskill B.T. Student Joseph Foster Gains Leadership and Research Skills through NMSP Internship at Cornell (by Lisa Fields)
Chang Lian, Chinese Transfer Student, Gains Soil Fertility Research and Extension Skills Through Honor's Thesis (by Lisa Fields)
Cornell Undergraduate Margaret Dunn's Career Path Guided by Practical Approach to Research (by Lisa Fields)
Graham Swanepoel, African Agricultural Economics Exchange Student Intrigued by “Whole Farm” Evaluation Approach (by Lisa Fields)
Eun Hong, SUNY Cobleskill Foreign Exchange Student Gains Research Skills in Cornell Internship (by Lisa Fields)
Sarah Moss, Integration of Crops and Cows Inspires Cornell Student (by Lisa Fields)
Kate Orloski, Cornell Sociology Student Researches Crop Availability of Soil N (by Lisa Fields)
John Weiss, Cobleskill Intern Summer 2009 (by Lisa Fields)
Hillary Bundick, Cobleskill Intern Summer 2009 (by Lisa Fields)
Miriam Goler, Agricultural Sciences Major 2007, Cornell University (by Kate Birchenough)
Scott Grandt, Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar 2006-2008, Cornell University (by Kate Birchenough)
Chie Miyamoto, Cobleskill Intern 2008 (by Kate Birchenough)
Wayne Berry, Cobleskill Intern 2007 (by Kate Birchenough)
Sara Place, 2007 CALS Summer Intern with Lewis County Cornell Cooperative Extension (by Kate Birchenough)
Joe Lawrence, Master of Science 2007, Cornell University (by Kate Birchenough)
Liz Brock, Master of Science 2006, Cornell University (by Kate Birchenough)
Jon Klapwyk, Master of Science 2005, Cornell University (by Kate Birchenough)