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2018 Projects: Corn and Hay Yield, Quality and Soil Health as Impacted by Manure Management

What Impact Has Manure Management for Corn on Yield, Forage Quality, and Nutrient Cycling in Corn and Alfalfa Rotations?

Driven by a need to increase the nutrient use efficiency (NUE) of manure and reduce P runoff and N emissions to the groundwater and the air, we proposed the testing of various manure incorporation methods and rates in corn and alfalfa stands over the past many years. Trials continue to date, with work in Western NY on reduced tillage practices and work in Central NY on rotation management and sidedressing of corn with manure.

If you are interested in participating, contact Quirine Ketterings ( or 607-255-3061). You can also write to: Quirine Ketterings, Nutrient Management Spear Program, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, 323 Morrison Hall, Ithaca NY 14853.


  • Evaluate manure management options for corn and alfalfa/grass rotations for their impact on yield, forage quality, nutrient cycling, and soil health.

Funding Sources

These projects have been funded over the years by grants from the New York Farm Viability Institute (NYFVI), the Northern New York Agriculture Development Program, Federal Formula Funds, a USDA conservation innovation grant (4782-CU-USDA-2226), Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future at Cornell University, and a USDA–National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant (2013-68002-20525).

Additional Resources

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Journal Articles

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